Fashion Myths

Working as a stylist, I have come across a lot of clients who share with me some of these beliefs or even what they think are facts or fashion no-no’s. I thought I would debunk a few for you this morning.

Fashion myth #1: Prints make you look bigger.

Prints are very distracting which can be good or bad depending on what you want. If you have a small print such as animal print or tiny polkadots, then it will distract from them larger parts of the body that you mean usually want to conceal.

Fashion myth #2: Ruch dresses are only for thin women.

When you look at a roof dress on the hanger, it looks like it wasn’t song right and maybe if you’re lucky, you can fit it over your big toe. However, ruching is created to stretch out once it’s put on the body and not excess material is supposed to be adjusted on what you think your problem areas may be.

Fashion myth #3: Black and blue don’t go together.

We all know that believed in them goes with almost any kind of color on top, but what about navy and black? It is a long time miss that even I believe for the longest time. A classic navy dress but it’s a little bit more on the formal side will not look terrible with a black bag or pumps. You can also wear a navy blouse with a black belt or something with Black and maybe stripes in them.

Fashion myth #4: Don’t mix prints.

You can never go wrong with leopard print and stripes. Floral and polkadots? Even that can be worn and still look bomb.

Fashion myth #5: I can’t afford to look fashionable.

There are so many stores in the past five years I have made an effort at making pieces that are still trying to be as well as classic. While quality might come into question, you can also good for quality at expensive stores. I would recommend investing in good classic pieces that you can mix-and-match and spending less on those that will be out in six months.

Have you heard any other fashion this that you are curious about or believe or false? Leave them in the comments below!

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