Flattering Fashion For Every Figure

Body Type: Inverted Triangle

PROS: Broad shoulders that make you look taller and more confident. You usually have great legs.
CONS: You can look top heavy, masculine, and curveless if you don’t wear the right clothes.
Image #1: Giddy Up
This particular model loves rodeos and spends her free time breaking horses. She wears a button down with a collar to distract from her shoulders. The small print floral helps create a feminine feel to the outfit, while balancing the big buckle and boots. A creme colored hat is perfect and ladylike to go with bootcut jeans. Because the legs are the most flattering part of her body, she can pull off a light wash color and a kick at the bottom.
Image #2: Off to Work
Heels (especially pointed toes), help make the muscular legs look more dainty. A pencil skirt fits her flat bottom well, but hugs it enough to outline it and create a curve. A solid but contrast top paired with a busy, printed cardigan distracts from masculine arms and shoulders.
Image #3: I Work Out
Because inverted triangles have a larger top, a tight exercise tank or sports bra can accentuate her womanly features. However, it’s best to add a low cut hoodie or zip up to distract the eyes from the arms and shoulders. This also slims the overall top half so when you get to the bottom half, you can wear any type of yoga pant. Stay away from basketball shorts or short shorts. Basketball shorts will make you look manly and short shorts will show off a flat butt which you do not want.

Body Type: Circle

PROS: Full hips, shaped butt, and full breasts, accentuating each womanly curve.
CONS: If you cover too much, ( high waisted pants), you’ll look heavier set.Image
Image #1: Hiking through the Woods
For a date through the forrest and over the hills, this model is dressed for the weather. Dark colored Hunter boots and dark jeans make the bottom half appear slimmer. Pair it off with a dark flannel compliments the model’s dark hair and provides warmth for the occasion.
Image #2: On my way to school
Mixing dressy with casual, this model paired off flattering skinny jeans with a striking sold color that has an accent of stringed lace. Hanging loose at the end, this adds a little flare to the overall outfit.
Image #3Off to church
The peach color is a good contrast to the dark hair. It’s tight bodice is flattering for the larger bust section, but flares loose from the rib cage down. This hangs over curves that may not want as much attention.

Body Type: Rectangle

PROS: Slender and usually toned, this body type fits the “skinny model” dream.                   CONS: You look plain without curves, but you can spice it up by choosing soft clothing that’s exciting and flashy.

Image #1: It’s a bit chilly outside
Try dark skinny jeans with a baggy flannel that hangs low past your waist. Add a bulky coat to add a teasing curve idea. Big on the top with the coat, flowy in the middle (flannel), and skinny on the bottom.
Image #2: Relaxing around the house
Leggings are so comfy, so throw on some flattering leggings and a oversized, colorful sweater. The balance of patterns and solids will create diversity for the overall look. Since your just walking around your apartment, pair it off with some tall comfy socks that include a base color from the sweater but is different than the color of your leggings.
Image #3: Out on the town
Because rectangle shaped figures can pull it off, don’t be afraid to wear a bodycon dress! However, don’t only wear the dress because it will accentuate the fact that you don’t have many curves. Throw on a long cardigan (printed if the dress is solid), and keep it unbuttoned and flowy. This will add mélange and help the outfit have more character and not look so plain and boyish.

President’s Day in Moab

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Happy hump day! I hope you American’s enjoyed your President’s Day! Did you do anything fun? Did you just relax? Tell me in the comments below! I had never been to Moab, so my husband and I decided to have a Valentine’s getaway from the city and spend the three-day weekend down there.

After a great sleep Friday night, we hunted down a good breakfast place. Moab diner got us in, served, and out in a flash.  The biscuits and gravy were like Heaven in your mouth. At 60 degrees and the bluest skies I’ve ever seen, the three of us hiked up to Delicate Arch. We went at a perfect time, as it wasn’t too hot or too cold. As Goldilocks would say, it was “Just right!”  I was so impressed with Dundie’s little legs! He’s so cute and he made just about everyone smile. He’s literally a celebrity wherever he goes.

We drove through Canyonland Saturday and took the most beUTAHful photos. We off roached through Onion Creek and I thought Dundie was going to die. We finished off the day at Devil’s Garden where I witnessed the largest arch in the world. We ended the night back in Arches under the wide open sky. The stars were so magnificent, it made me cry. It reminded me that there’s a greater power out there.

Monday marked one year since adopting my 12 year old rescue Chihuahua. He’s a hard a very hard life, and I want to give him the world with the little time he has left. Because he’s an emotional support dog, I’m glad we were able to take him into the parks and get a great deal on a dog-friendly hotel! A snow storm was coming, so we decided to peace out that morning, but had to stop a Moab Diner once more. The bacon is thick cut and to die for and I also ordered their caramelized pecan pancakes but I was so full I got a to go box. On our way out of the charming town, we stopped at a gift shop and left Dundie in the car for less than two minutes. When we returned, he had busted into the pancakes and was having a grand ol’ time. When most dogs get caught eating things they’re not supposed to, the usually look at you with guilt and shamefully walk away. Dundie just looks at you like “Can I help you? I’m busy,” and continues with his business.

We can’t wait to return soon. I would recommend the trip if you haven’t been! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever been to Moab and your favorite must sees or eats!


These Wings will make you Fly

My husband and I are huge fans of wings, but I hate processed food and am trying to stay away from breaded things as much as possible. We discovered Frozen Kirkland Signature Chicken Wings from Costco and decided to make our own!

We start by heating the oven to 375 degrees.

After that warms up, we pop in 12 of the Frozen Kirkland Signature Chicken Wings from Costco.

45 minutes later, we take them out, and with our pastry brush, we coat half of the wings in my favorite- BBQ sauce, and Danny’s favorite- Buffalo.

Flip each wing over with tongs and brush the other side.

Dip in ranch or blue cheese and add some sweet potato fries for a yummy side!

Are you a BBQ or a Buffalo person? Tell me in the comments below!